What to Expect When You Open an All That Glitz Franchise

As an All That Glitz® franchisee you can expect the following.  These may sound way to good to be true but all you'll have to do is spend one day in our affiliate store in Naples, FL and then you might even say this was an understatement. So here it goes:

  1. Own the hottest, sexiest, glitziest boutique in America

  2. Become "Celebrity Like" in that after a short while people will recognize you while out shopping or just out on the town and they get that super excited smile on their face, point at you and say, "oh my God - you're the owner of All That Glitz.  I can't believe it - I love your store
    so much!"

  3. Ease of operation - a simple process without the long hours of most businesses, inventory is non-perishable and doesn't go out of style or
    even season.

  4. Happy customers, smiling and even dancing to the music while carrying their jewelry tray (our shopping cart) picking out their treasures.

  5. Non-stop compliments daily.  No kidding, the customers can't stop telling you how much fun your store is.  Some will even come up to you while shopping and say, "I hate your store, it's too close to my house."  You have to love that one!

  6. Getting in the ground floor of what we expect to be the MOST exciting franchise business opportunity available.

  7. A business so unique our affiliate store, All That Glitz® in Naples, FL actually has tour buses that come to Naples and have chosen the store as one of their select destinations.  Anywhere from 1 - 3 buses with 40 - 150 people are dropped of to go shopping at All That Glitz.  Now
    that's unique!

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