What is the Initial Investment for the Sexiest, Glitziest Women’s Franchise?

Initial costs involved in the establishment and operation of an upscale All That Glitz® franchised retail jewelry store offering a combination of affordable fashion jewelry, women's accessories and related items for women, including a number of jewelry items for men, in a friendly and inviting atmosphere are outlined below:

We offer two franchise programs:

A Single All That Glitz Franchise Jewelry Store - The estimated total investment necessary to begin operation of an All That Glitz franchise ranges from $290,400 to $485,533.  This includes a $35,000 franchise fee that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.  The initial franchise fee is discounted by 20% for multiple unit developers.

Multiple All That Glitz Franchise Jewelry Stores - The estimated total investment necessary to begin operation of multiple All That Glitz franchises ranges from $297,400 to $604,533 (but can be more if you choose to develop more than 10 units).  The initial development fee ranges from $28,000 (to develop 2 franchises) to $126,000 (to develop 10 franchises) or higher for the development of more than 10 units.

In both programs there is a low and a high range due to several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Inventory
  2. Leasehold Improvements and Build Out
  3. Tenant Space
  4. Per Square Foot Price

The Franchise Disclosure Document will itemize every item line by line detailing all costs involved in opening your All That Glitz.®

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